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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Collection

We will collect the data entered into our site when you register with or submit your personal info for insurance quotes or to see if you qualify for discounts. This information will be collected when you complete the registration or quote process and you will be matched with insurance companies to provide you with insurance quotes and policies.

Use of Personal Identity Data

We enter into an agreement when you register on our site. This agreement includes our ability to both collect your data and share the information with our Third Party suppliers. This information includes the sensitive data so that your application can be processed for your requested services through our Third Party suppliers. They are given permission to utilize the personal data within the limits of the law. All Third Party Suppliers are subject to their Privacy Policies and are required to be in compliance with the restrictions stated within the conditions and terms of their Privacy Policies.

It is important to note does not provide the services or products of our Third Party partners. These companies are expressly governed by their own Privacy Policies. is authorized to share the data collected on our site in order to rent, lease, sell or provide third party providers with this data in order that they may supply our clients with insurance quotes and policies, or other related goods and services.

The data collected is also subject to the incorporation of other companies designed to perform specific actions. This may include accessing data in order to send both direct mail and emails, add or remove data from user lists, run data and create market analysis. The individuals performing these actions are subject to limitations. We hold the right to do the following with all collected personal data; disclose, sell, lease, rent and distribute without limits for the usage permitted by the applicable laws and within the standards of the Privacy Policy.

Data Collection

Non-personal identification is also collected when visiting this site. The pages visited may also collect the following without limitation; the browser you utilize to access the site, your unique IP address, the operating system you use as well as the domain name of your service provider. This general data collection is utilized to upgrade the content and design of the site. It also provides us with the information necessary to personalize the experience you receive when visiting our pages.

Gathering non-personal data can also be utilized to assess the general utilization of and offer additional products and services based on this information.


Visitors to the site are sent a file, known as a cookie, or a gif image file. This cookie provides an identification mark on the visitor's personal browser. This unique mark is designed to keep your non-personal identifying data on your hard drive. This small piece of data provides the site information that will increase your benefit and enjoyment of the site. If you decide to disable cookies or reject specific cookies, you must follow the instructions of your Internet browser. Individuals who reject the Cookie are still permitted to access the Promotion website. retains the right to hold the Cookie and keep the Cookie information indefinitely.

Third-Party Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks from third-party affiliates are included in the site. These hyperlinks that are owned or controlled will send you directly to the websites owned or managed by the Third Party providers. In these situations, it is mandatory to complete the transactions on the Third Party website. Each site is subject to their own rules and regulations regarding the collection and storage of data apart from is not liable or in any way responsible to these practices. We do not endorse the conditions or terms of their privacy policies, nor are we responsible for the terms and conditions of websites hyperlinked. Third party entities are freestanding and not affiliated with our terms and conditions, nor are subject to our regulations.

Third-Party Offers

Visitors to are provided with the opportunity to receive offers, services and products specialized for them from Third Party providers and vendors. Entering data into our system indicates your desire to receive these offers, services and products. The personal data entered will be shared with the appropriate vendors so that these third party providers can provide their offer, services and products directly to you without the need to complete another form in order to agree to their product or service.


The personal data collection conducted at our site, under our terms and conditions allow us to disclose your data with third parties with the purpose of marketing their products and services directly to you. In order to opt-out of this process, sent us a note from the Contact Us page of this website requesting your information be removed from our database.


Individuals under the age of 18 are not knowingly collected on this site. No personal data of a minor should be entered or posted by a minor on this site. We encourage parents and guardians to properly monitor their minors time online and prevent them from entering sensitive data.

Site Security

Information collected on our site is stored properly in a physically private location with all the proper technical controls. While no information submitted online is entirely safe, it secured to the best of our ability during both entry and transfer. We make reasonable efforts to keep data secure and limit the access of the personal information entered.

Privacy Policy Changes retains the right to change the Privacy Policy, modify, add, or delete certain parts at any time, without any notice. The updates to the Privacy Policy will be in effect immediately at the time of the change. The updates will be posted to the site and be currently in effect when posted. It is your responsibility to periodically access the site to check for updates. Your use of this site establishes your acceptance and approval of posted changes and updates to the Privacy Policy.