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Terms and Conditions

Be sure to read and follow the terms and conditions carefully before utilizing the following web site. Your use of the web site authorizes your unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions to follow.

If you do not accept the following terms and conditions, please do not use this website. Occasionally, the site may change these terms and conditions. These changes may occur without direct notice to you, but by posting such changes to the live website. By using this site, you agree to follow any such changes and/or modifications to the terms and conditions.


You may only use the site if you currently reside in the United States of America, and are 18 years old or older.


The purpose of the site is to provide users with ability to review and purchase comparative insurance quotes from matched providers, companies, insurance agents, brokers, and other licensed insurance providers. Matching services are provided by this site free of charge to the consumer.

Quotes are based off of the information a user has provided. Each Provider may have one or more companies with which they will provide the user with a quote. Once the user has provided the required information needed, by completing the appropriate online form, the site will refer said information to providers. Providers may then contact the user directly if the provider is able to provide the user with a quote for insurance coverage.

Occasionally, providers may ask the user for additional information in order to provide an accurate quote. By comparing competitive quotes received from multiple providers, users will be able to select the most competitive quotes offered. In the event the site does not have sufficient participation in the user’s area, the user may receive a single quote or no quote at all.

This site is not an insurance provider, and does not issue insurance contracts or coverage. The site does not endorse or recommend any companies or insurance policies over another, nor does this site provide insurance, tax, and/or financial advice. The site does not guarantee any of the insurance agents, brokers and/or companies will contact the user or agree to provide the user with a policy or coverage. The site is not responsible for the conduct of the insurance agents, brokers, or companies to which the user was matched with. If the user is in need of personal advice, explanation of coverage, assessment of needs or specific policy recommendations, user should consult with a licensed insurance agent, broker, or other qualified professional. The site proprietors reserve the right to site content, restrict access, and/or discontinue any aspect of the site including: content, features, and hours of availability without prior notice or penalty.

User Information

While using the site, user may be asked to provide, or choose to provide, personally identifiable information (PII). Any PII you submit to the site in order to receive insurance quotations will only be used for such purposes. The sites information collection and usage policies, with respect to the privacy of PII, are discussed in the sites privacy policy section. Please read and review the privacy policy section before submitting PII to the site. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy and content of any and all PII. The site will not, under any circumstances, display, disclose, sell, refer, share or otherwise give access to PII. The only exception to the rule is for the purpose of providing insurance quotes as set forth in the terms and conditions of this agreement. The site reserves the right to refuse to process, post, and/or to remove any PII, in whole or in part, which is unlawful, unacceptable, undesirable, inappropriate or is in violation of these terms and conditions.


Any and/or all content, code, data or materials of the site used by the user does not grant user ownership. All such mentioned components on the site will be maintained and owned by the site. The site maintains, and therefore owns all proprietary components such as: all rights, title interest, graphics, data, content, design, looks, feel, and organization of the site. Also, the site maintains ownerships of content, code, data, materials, and including, but not limited to, all intellectual property and proprietary rights therein. User rights are limited to viewing of content on the site, on the device of your choosing, and making copies and/or prints of the content of your use. If user copies, reproduces, distributes or otherwise exploits any content, code, data or materials on the site, the user may be in violation of copyright infringement and other laws of the United States. Applicable jurisdictions may include, but not be limited to: city, state, and/or federal laws for such unauthorized use and/or violations. The site’s trademarks, trade name, service marks and logos are copyright protected and are not to be used, copied, or reproduced by anyone for any reason. Permissions to use the sites markings may be granted by the site, but written permission must first be obtained. If any third party trademarks, logos, etc. appear on the site, they are the property of their respective owners and also cannot be used without their written consent.


By using this site, and accepting these terms and conditions, user agrees to guard, guarantee and hold site proprietors, directors, officers, employees, agents and partners faultless in any claims, liabilities, costs and/or expenses. These costs and/or expenses may include, but not be limited to: attorney fees, placement and/or transmission of any message, content, information, software and/or other materials through the site. Users breach or violation of the law or of these terms and condition arising from the users misuse will also invalidate any and all claims or cause.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The site disclaims any warranties, which may express or imply the site or its services or functions, contained herein, will be secure, timely, uninterrupted, or free of errors and/or defects. The site makes no guaranty of the following: non- interruption, delivery of email, un-interrupted access to site, and/or the site being free of error. All services the site provides are considered “as is” and “as available”. No guarantees or warranties expressed or implied are made by the site and include: access to data, data processing, functions, accuracy, usefulness, or loss of information. User is responsible for maintaining all, or any, user gathered information. If any term, condition, or statement found herein makes the user reluctant or dissatisfied with the site, please exit and discontinue using the site. The site disclaims any liabilities incurred by directors, officers, employees, agents, users or providers including; loss of revenue, profit, or sales.


The site’s failures to exercise, regulate, or enforce any right or provision of the terms and conditions shall not be deemed as a waiver of such rights and/or provision. If any provision of the terms and conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, all parties agree said court should endeavor to consider the parties' intentions as hereby reflected or otherwise stated. User agrees, regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action by user arising out of the use of the site or user shall file its terms and conditions within six months of occurrence. Not to have done so, such claim(s) or cause of action taken against the site after the six-month time frame shall be deemed meritless.